Clone Care Guide

Clone Care Guide.

Learn how to care for your new clone plant.

Visual Inspection

Inspect the health of the clones prior to transport. Look for signs of wilting or drooping, consistent color with no discoloration, no indications of pests, and no indication of chemical contamination. The clones you are picking up should look healthy.


Limit the amount of time the clones are in transport. Once home, remove the clones from the transport packaging.


Avoid extreme temperature and environmental fluctuations. Allow the clones to adjust from the environment of the retail location to the environmental conditions of the new grow environment. The recommended set points are: 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit, 300 Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, 70% Relative humidity.

Check the Roots

After 3-5 days of adjusting to the new environment, check the roots of the clone. If visible roots have formed, transplant clone into desired medium.


Take care to completely submerge original plug/rootballunder medium in the new container, keeping clone centered and standing upright to promote uniform growth.


Water clones to ensure roots will seek out moisture as they transpire and dry down occurs.

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